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Darker Green 220 Nickel-trim Floodlight Car                      

From 1931-1934, 220 Floodlight cars had brass trim with Terra Cotta colored lamp bases on a black frame. From 1935 until the end of production, Floodlight cars had nickel trim with bright Green lamp bases. We know the nickel-trim 212 Gondolas come in several shades of bright Green.

This 220 floodlight car is evidence that the darker shade came first. It's lamp base is a factory repaint over Terra Cotta. The Green was sprayed on and the painter was not careful about covering the hidden areas -- see the Brown (Terra Cotta) showing thru along the lower edge in this photo.


Here is a closer view.

The base is several notches darker in color than the more common bright Green 220. I have matching 212 Gondolas for both colors. The finish is nice and smooth -- no crazing as written about in Caryl Pettijohn's excellent series of articles in the TCA Quarterly. Note that the screw holding the switch is nickel -- on my other nickel 220 it is blackened.


The flip side of the base bottom got more paint than the other side.

Hard to photograph, but there are run marks that I believe were in the dipped Terra Cotta original color. Also, in the small nicks, you can see Terra Cotta showing thru.


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