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Item No. Year Description Quantity W Notes
Thomas W. Sefton (TCA 59-360) TRAIN INVENTORY        
ELASTOLIN/LINEOL TOY SOLDIERS (7 cm tall from 1930's)        
German Political Figures        
    Hitler (porcelain head) walking wearing cap 1 Wagner Set
    Hitler standing saluting (Brown shirt) 1 Wagner Set
    Goring in Light Blue Luftwaffe overcoat w/baton 1 Wagner Set
    Goring standing saluting (Brown shirt, movable arm) 1 Wagner Set
SS Blackshirts        
    6 men standing at attention w/helmets 6 Wagner Set
    Drummer w/arms up and two kettledrums 1 Wagner Set
SA Brownshirts        
    Man standing holding Swastika flag 1 Wagner Set
    Men marching holding Swastika flag 2 Wagner Set
    Torchbearer 1 Wagner Set
    Men marching, saluting 2 Wagner Set
    Men marching 11 Wagner Set
    Man marching wearing backpack 1 Wagner Set
    Bandsmen marching, playing instruments 4 Wagner Set
German Army (marching, wearing helmets)        
    1 Flagbearer 1 Wagner Set
    2 Officers 2 Wagner Set
    8 Men w/rifles 8 Wagner Set
    5 Bandsmen 5 Wagner Set
Other German Figures        
    Fighting men, machine gunners, etc 43 Wagner Set
    Trench pieces 9 Wagner Set
    Large dugout fortress 1 Wagner Set
    Guard house 1 Wagner Set
Americans (Doughboy helmets)        
    Fighting men, bivouac, etc 71 Wagner Set
    Trees, campfires, etc 1 Wagner Set
LARGE ERECTOR SETS (Circa 1928-35) A.C. Gilbert        
C 1928 Airplane (new in wood box) 1  
9 1929 Zeppelin, EXC+ 1 Wagner Set
9 1933 Loco & Tender (LN) Wagner added tender decals 1 Wagner
A 1931 Loco (new) never assembled 1  
8 1925 With drawers and clamshell 1  
    Biaggi: Swiss Crocodile (1 gauge) EX+ 1  
    McCoy: Casade E2 Twin-Motored Electric, Red EX+ 1  
    Knapp: Brass Motorized Gondola (2" gauge) EX- 1  
    Marklin: 1986 Crocodile (1 gauge) LN 1