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Thomas W. Sefton (TCA 59-360) TRAIN INVENTORY

Item No.


    Description Qty 1 unless noted
State Sets: Note: On Tom's layout, we ran several State sets. The Brown was run as 5-cars using the repainted extra car listed below, I wired two 381E's together to run on one reverse unit and it pulled a 7-car Green set. I placed small colored sticker dots on the bottoms of Tom's various State cars so that the original sets could be put back together in the future.
Set 411E 1930-31 "Transcontinental Limited" two-tone Brown 408E-412-413-414-416 Light Brown ventilators, cast journals, Original Boxes & Set Box EX+ Wagner/Hollander


Notes: I arranged to buy this set from Ron Hollander for $14,000. We gave him a lot of time and info for his Lionel book. Then when published he sent us paperback editions saying the hardbacks cost him to much. A TRUE cheapskate circa 1984. Tom wanted to send Hollander a letter calling him a cheap Schmuck. I told Tom that this meant penis in Yiddish, so no letter. I then sold Tom's prior VG+ Brown State Set to a Doctor in Detroit. It ended up in the Richard Kughn (Lionel) collection.

The set in Sacramento looks great, but it is, strictly speaking, TCA EXC (not LN). The original owners (a couple without kids) used it for a few years on a Christmas Garden layout. One year some accessory was too close to a curved track. Each State car has a shiny area missing about a 3/8" square of paint on the car body near the top of its left-hand door. Look for the shiny, bare metal spot.

Set  411E 1929 "Transcontinental Limited" State Green 381E-412-413-414-416 lighter Green ventilators, Apple Green windows (Red Dot) EX+  
Set 411E 1929 Ditto (A O Johnson estate)
Set 409E 1930 "The Olympian" State Green 381E-412-413-416 lighter Green ventilators, Apple Green windows (Black Dot) VG 3 car set  
Set 409E 1933 "The Olympian" State Green 381E-412-413-416 lighter Green ventilators, Ivory windows, brass journals, rivet detail on ends of cars; LN 3 cars Wagner Set
Note: This set came this way. Collectors think that Ivory windows meant 400E. Not so. The 381E 3-car set was catalogued from 1930-1934, but only very late sets had end rivet details. The 400E set 3-car set was catalogued from 1931-1933. Greenberg shows a photo of a 433E set box stamped "GM" and "Brown-Ivory". This means a Gunmetal 400E with three Brown state cars. Obviously there was little consistency. This was during the "Great Depression", and Lionel was selling whatever it could.
Set 433E 1931-33 "Twentieth Century Limited" 400E-400T-412-414-416 black loco and state Green cars with dark ventilators and Apple Green windows. BJ. Note Illinois car which is found in some 3-car sets. Loco EX; Cars VG+ (Tom swapped loco)  
Extra State Cars:  
414 1930 Restored two-tone Brown; EX
416 1929 State Green observation, Apple Green windows; LN
Note: This car was in a glass showcase in Tom's office at San Diego Trust & Savings Bank. It was used as a  come-on for his many office visitors -- "Do you have any old toy trains at home?" It worked well.
418 Series Passenger Sets:
Set 403 1923 402-419-418-490 Loco Mojave; cars Mojave with Maroon inserts and 10-series four wheel trucks VG+  
Set 403E 1926 402(E)-419-418-490 Loco Mojave with rubber-stamped E on door. Cars Mojave with Maroon inserts and 6-wheel trucks VG+  
Set 403E 1926 402E-419-418-490 Loco Mojave with 420E plates. Cars Mojave with Maroon inserts and 6-wheel trucks EX  
Set 409E 1927 408E-419-418-431-490 Mojave set with orange inserts in cars VG+  
Set 409E 1927 Same as above, boxed EX+


Notes: Amazingly, Tom Sefton did not have an Apple Green 409E set The five-car set he ran included the mixed cars below. We called it the Fat Lady's Special as it had two diner cars. On all the running passenger sets, Sefton ran a wire from car-to-car so the lights wouldn't flicker as they occasionally lost pick-up or ran thru switches. One time as I was running the trains for Lennie Marvin, the 408 split a switch and the entire consist took a running leap to the floor (4 feet). The lighting connections kept the train together like a snake. Lennie scratched his hand trying to grab it. We remounted the train and there was no noticeable damage -- luckily it had landed flat on the floor. Persian rugs helped.
Extra 418 Series Cars:  
418 1928-29 Apple Green Coach VG+
419 1928-32 Apple Green Combine EX
431 1927 Mojave Diner, hinged roof EX+
431 1928-29 Apple Green Diner EX+
431 1928-29 Apple Green Diner VG+
490 1927 Mojave/Orange Observation VG
490 1931-32 Ives Apple Green Observation EX
428 Series Passenger Sets:  
Set 348E 1926 380E-429-428-430 Dark Green with Maroon car windows EX+
Set 349E 1929 9E-429-428-430 Orange with Apple Green car windows Rusty one side VG Jim Crow  
Note: Tom called this set the Jim Crow Special as it was displayed with the baggage door in the rear as all trains in this shelf area were heading left. The proper side was rusty. How many train collectors do you know that display the worst side out? Zero. If you don't know what Jim Crow means, don't ask.
Blue Comet Sets:  
Set 396E 1930 "The Blue Comet" 390E-390T-420-421-422 BT, Cast journals; EX+  
Set 396E 1932 "The Blue Comet" 400E-400T-420-421-422 BT, Brass journals; EX  
Note: Think about the journals on these 1929 thru 1939 six-wheel trucks. Have you ever seen a 400T tender with cast journals? NO. The 400E came out in 1931. Have you ever seen Girard cars with cast journals? NO. They also came out in 1931. But the Blue Comet with a 400E loco also came out in 1931. I believe that new production items were the last manufactured for the new season. So any 400E Blue Comet sets with cast journals on the cars included cars that were made before their companion 400E's in 1931.

The same reasoning applies to one-piece brake wheels on freight cars. Because most all 220 floodlight cars (also introduced in 1931) have one-piece brake wheels, yet often copper-journal freight cars are found with two-piece brake wheels, Caryl Pettijohn posits that copper journals must have begun in 1930 (when Lionel was still using two-piece brake wheels). Yet we have many examples of 1930 sets with nickel journals. We believe that being a new car, 220's were made at the end of the 1931 production. Copper journals were likely introduced at the beginning of the 1931 run (not 1930), and later in 1931 one-piece brake wheels were added (most 220's).  

Set 396E 1933 "The Blue Comet" 400E-400T-420-421-422 BT, Loco with kid-scratched X on cab roof; EX  
Set 396E 1936 "The Blue Comet" 400E-400T-420-421-422 BT, Full nickel train set, OB, LN  
Extra Blue Comet Cars:  
420 1936-39 Coach Faye, NT; LN
421 1936-39 Coach Westphal, NT; LN
Note: Tom bought these boxed extra cars and those with the NT Blue Comet 400E above from Madison Hardware in the 1960's. New in sealed boxes.
Girard Sets:  
364E 1931-33   9E-424-425-426 Two-tone Green, BT; EX Wagner/Meg
Note: Bought from Meg Harper ( later a toy collector). It was her Dad's original set. Several years later she realized we paid too little. She called repeatedly for a re-deal, and Tom instructed me to stonewall her. Meg can visit her Dad's set in Sacramento.
364E 1931-33 9E-424-425-426 Two-tone Green, BT; EX-
378E  1934 "Pennsylvania Limited" 392E-392TW-424-425-426, Loco black, cars two-tone Green, BT; EX-  
378W 1936 "Broadway Limited" 392E-392TW-424-425-426 Loco gunmetal, cars two-tone Green, NT; VG+  
Extra Girard Cars:  
425 1936 Stephen Girard NT; VG+
1767 Series Sets:  
367E 1934 385E-384T Gunmetal CT, 1767-1766-1768, Terra Cotta/Maroon cars BT, EX+  
367W 1935-39 385E-385TW NT, 1767-1766-1768 Red/Maroon cars NT, EX  
310-309-312 Series Passenger Cars (1926-1940)  
Set 394E 1929 390E-390T-310-309-312; Loco black with orange stripe; cars pea Green with orange inserts; VG+  
Set 342E 1930 318E-310-309-312; Loco Light Brown; cars two-tone Brown with Cream inserts Loco, VG; Cars, EX+  
Set 366W 1937 1835E-1835W-310-309-312; Loco black, cars Blue and Silver, NT; LN  
Set 362 1930 384-384T-309-312; Loco black, cars Terra Cotta/Maroon with Yellow inserts; VG+  
Set 365E 1935 9E-310-309-312; Loco gunmetal 2-4-2 NT; cars two-tone Girard Green; EX+  
Set 366E 1934 1835E-1835T-310-309-312; Blue/Dark Blue; EX- Wagner cars
320-319-322 Series Passenger Cars (1924-1927)  
Set 343 1925 380-320-319-319-322; Loco Maroon, cars Maroon with Mojave inserts, 200 series trucks, 4 car set; VG+  
Extra 310-309-312 Series Cars  
  1929 309 Pea Green coach with orange inserts; EX
  1926 310-309-312 Mojave with Maroon inserts; EX
  1937 310 Baggage; Blue and Silver; LN Madison Hardware
  1937 309 Coach; Blue and Silver; LN Madison Hardware
Note: Tom was good with people and had lunch with Lou Shure when in NYC on business. Tom introduced me to Madison Hardware and the Shure brothers in 1976. Back then Madison still had three 396W Blue Comet sets in sealed boxes and wanted $6,000 for each. More than twice what Excellent sets were selling for in 1976. I should have bought one. 
337-338 Series Passenger Cars (1925-32)  
Set 347 1925 8-337-338 Loco Mojave; Cars Mojave with Maroon inserts; EX  
Set 352 1925 10-337-337-338 Loco Mojave; Cars Mojave with Maroon inserts; EX-  
Set 347E 1927 8E-337-338 Loco Light Olive; cars Light Olive with Maroon inserts; EX  
Set 347E 1930 8E-337-338 Loco Red with Cream stripe; cars Red with Cream inserts; EX  
Set 347 1931 8-337-338 Loco Red; Cars Red with Cream inserts; EX
Extra 337-338 Cars  
  1925 337 Mojave with Maroon inserts EX
  1927 338 Observation; Light Olive with Maroon inserts EX  
332-339-341 Series Passenger Cars (1925-33)  
Set 352E 1926 10E-332-339-341 Loco Gray; cars Gray with Maroon inserts VG-  
Set 352E 1928 10E-332-339-341 Loco peacock; cars peacock with orange inserts EX  
Set 352E 1929 10E-332-339-341 Loco peacock; cars peacock with orange inserts; Red baggage doors EX  
Set 352E(M) 1932 10E-332-339-341 Macy Special. Two-tone Brown. Loco has Dark Green frame and Bild-a-Loco motor  
Set 387 1930 384-384T-332-339-341 Loco Black; Cars Peacock with Orange Inserts EX  
19-18-190 Series Passenger Car Sets  
Outfit 1922 42-19-18-190 Loco Black; Cars Dark Olive Short Observation Platform VG+  
Outfit 621 1920 7-19-18-190 Loco Nickel; Cars Orange, One Roof is Restored VG+  
Extra 19-18-190 Cars  
18   Coach; Dark Olive VG-
190   Observation; Dark Olive, Long Platform VG-
Other Cars & Trolleys  
Circa 1909 1910 Pullman, Dark Olive Green EX-
Circa 1909 No 3 Trolley, Dark Olive and Cream EX-
Circa   No 100 Trolley, Blue and Cream
Circa   No 101 Summer Trolley, Blue and Cream and Maroon
35-36 Series Passenger Car Sets (1912-26)  
  1912 34-35-36 Six Wheel Loco, Rib-sided Cars, All Dark Olive VG+  
Outfit 34  1920 33-35-35-36 Note Extra Coach. All Dark Olive Ex-  
Outfit 45 1921 38-31-32-35-36 Loco Black; Cars Dark Olive EX-
Outfit 350 1925 8-35-36 All Maroon EX  
Outfit 350 1925 8-35-36 All Maroon VG+  
Extra 35-36 Cars  
Coach 35   Dark Olive w/ribbed sides early flex trucks, Dark Blue roof repainted by factory (was Montgomery Ward Special) VG+  
Note: I discovered this strange car when cataloging Tom's pieces. The MW Specials must have not done well as Lionel repainted MW cars back to Lionel colors.
181-180-182 Series Passenger Car Sets (1911-21)  
Outfit 52 1915 53-180-182 All Maroon EX Wagner
Note: This is a beautiful square-cab set. Tom and I visited an Admiral's widow in Coronado. I offered her $100 and she was happy to sell it to such illustrious parties.
Outfit 50 1920 51-181-180-182 Loco Black; Cars Maroon VG-
29 Day coaches (1908-27)  
Outfit 43 1919 51-29-29 Loco Black; Cars Dark Olive VG+
Outfit 44 1920 42-29-29 Loco Black; Cars Dark Olive VG+
29   Day coach with Light Pickup and Combination Couplers. Very Rare and Late, Circa 1927 EX-  
Note: Louis Hertz, whom Tom had visited and known for a long time, had a running battle about this car. Hertz insisted that 29's never came with lighting. Well you should see this unmolested car with original lighting.
Early Extra Locomotives (not inventoried in sets)  
5 1921 Black VG  
6 1920 Black VG+  
6 1920 Black VG-  
6 1910 Black thin rim early trucks EX
33 1921 Black VG+  
33 1920 Dark Olive EX-  
38 1925 Light Olive (rare) VG  
42 1920 Black EX-  
42 1920 Restored Dark Olive REX
50 1924 Gray (super motor) EX
51 1920 Black Loco & Tender VG
54 1920 Brass tarnished EX-
54 1920 Brass cleaned EX
54 1920 Brass cleaned EX  
54 1920 Brass cleaned EX  
1912 Spec. 1912 Brass/Red EX  
Extra Heavy Locomotives (Not inventoried with a set)  
402E 1926-27 Mojave EX  
402E 1926-27 Mojave EX-  
402E 1926-27 Mojave VG  
408E 1927 Mojave VG  
408E 1928-30 Apple Green EX+  
408E 1928-30 Apple Green EX  
408E 1928-30 Apple Green VG+  
408E 1930 State Green Restored  
381E 1975 Williams Repro LN  
381E 1929 State Green VG-  
381E 1929 State Green G+  
Note: The above G+ 381E was found in a crawlspace in Durango, CO (their summer home). Tom used diluted Penetrol (a paint additive) to fluff up rust. Especially on Buddy L. Wipe it on -- wait 5 minutes -- then wipe it off. His son, Harley Sefton, then in high school, was assigned this task on this cruddy 381E. Harley didn't wipe the Penetrol off Tom later said that it looks pretty good, though a bit shiny.
9 1928 Dark Green, Hand Reverse EX
9U 1929 Orange, weighted frame, Spread Out Display EX- Wagner/York
Note: I found the Silver display metal stamping at the Billy Budd. Nice and $150. Passed it to Tom.
9U 1928 Orange, Spread out Display Box EX+  
381U 1928 State Green, Yellow Box w Track (not spread out) EX
400E-400T 1933 Dark Gray, CT VG+
400E-400T 1935-39 Gunmetal, NT EX+  
400E-400T 1935-39 Gunmetal, NT VG+  
400E-400T 1935-39 Gunmetal, NT REX  
400T 1933-34 Dark Gray Tender, BT EX+
400T 1933-34 Dark Gray Tender, BT VG+
392TW 1937 Gunmetal Tender, NT LN
Light Extra Locomotives (Not inventoried in a set) Quantity
8 1925 Maroon VG+ 2
8 1927 Olive VG+ 4
10 1928 Peacock VG+  
318 1924 Dark Gray VG  
318 1924 Dark Gray EX  
318 1925 Gray EX+  
318 1928 Pea Green EX  
380 1924 Maroon EX  
10E 1928 Peacock G+  
1835E-1835W 1935 Black VG  
384E-384T 1930 With Crackle Black Tender LN
384T 1933 Dark Gunmetal Tender only BT EX
385E-384T 1933 Dark Gunmetal BT VG  
385E-385W 1936 Gunmetal NT REX  
390-390T 1929 Black VG-  
390E-380T 1929 Black LN  
390E-390T 1929 Black VG  
8E 1927 Olive VG+


200 Series Freight Cars Quantity
All generally EX or better condition; many LN  
211   Type 1 Small Brake Wheel 3
211   Type 2 Two-piece Brass Brake Wheel, NJ 10
211   Type 3 Copper Journals 2
211   Type 4 Nickel Brake Wheel 2
212   Type 1 Gray, Small Brake Wheel 3
212   Type 2 Wine, BT, NJ 9
212   Type 3 Wine, CJ 3
212   Type 4A Rare Darker Green, NT, CJ 2
212   Type 4B Light Green, NT, NJ 2
213   Type 1 Mojave/Maroon 2
213   Type 2 Terra Cotta/Pea Green NJ 4
213   Type 3 Terra Cotta/Pea Green CJ 1
213   Type 4 Ivory/Maroon NT 2
214   Type 1 Terra Cotta/Dark Green 1
214   Type 2 Ivory/Orange NJ 6
214   Type 3 Ivory/Orange CJ 2
214   Type 4 Yellow/Brown NT 5
214R   Type 1 Cream/Peacock NJ 3
214R   Type 1 Cream/Peacock NJ - screw trucks 3 Wagner/Marche
214R   Type 2 Cream/Peacock CJ 1 Wagner
214R   Type 3 White/Blue 1
215   Type 1 Green, Small Brake Wheel 2
215   Type 2 Green, NJ 4
215   Type 3 Cream, CJ 1
215   Type 3 White, CJ 2
215   Type 3 White (Sunoco), CJ 1 Wagner
215   Type 4 Silver (Sunoco), NT 5
216   Type 1 Small Brake Wheel  
216   Type 2 NJ 5
216   Type 3 CJ 2
216   Type 4 NT 1
217   Type 1 Orange/Maroon 5
217   Type 2A Red/Peacock with Peacock Cupola (rare) NJ 1 Wagner
217   Type 2B Red/Peacock NJ Common 5
217   Type 3 Red/Peacock CJ 1
217   Type 4A Red with Plated Ends (rare) NT, CJ 1
217   Type 4B Red NT 1
218   Type 1 Two Knobs Brass ends 7
218   Type 2 One Knob Brass ends 6
218   Type 3 One Knob Painted ends NJ 2
218   Type 4 One Knob Painted ends CJ 1
219   Type 1 Peacock without Red Window 1
219   Type 2 Peacock with Red Window NJ 1
219   Type 3 Peacock with Red Window CJ 4
219   Peacock with Red Windows CJ The cars were assembled incorrectly by the factory such that the doors are to the rear VG+ 2 Wagner/LA
  Note: 219's are common. But look at each. I sold Tom one of these, and the other I bought from Dave Otth at an LA meet for $150, as a common item.
219   Type 4 Yellow NT 1
219   Type 5 White NT 2, 1 is Wagner/Hooker
220   Type 1 Terra Cotta Base, BT, CJ 3
220   Type 2 Green Base, NT 1
Special 200 Series Freight Cars (All purchased from the Lionel museum circa 1962).  
213   Ivory/Maroon NT with Blue stripes indicating it is a 1937 factory control piece They held one item from each run to use as a sample for the next year's production run EX 1 Wagner switched doors
Note: Originally this car had three Blue stripes, roof catwalk (not shown in TTOS article), one side, and the other side's door I switched the doors so double Blue stripes on one side would make a better presentation
220   Green base NT with Red 1939 markings Same procedure as above; different colors were used for different years EX 1
219   219 Derrick White NT, Factory repaint which was not done well Flaking VG 1
  Total 200-series freight cars 138
500 Series Freight Cars Quantity
All generally EX or better condition
511 Flatcar 1927-40  
    Type 1 Dark Green, NJ 6
    Type 2 Dark Green, CJ 1
    Type 3 Medium Green, NT 2
512 Gondola 1927-39  
    Type 1 Peacock, NJ 2
    Type 2 Peacock, CJ 0
    Type 3 Bright Green, NT 2
513 Cattle Car 1927-38  
    Type 1A Olive Green/Orange, NJ 2
    Type 1B Orange/Pea Green, NJ 2
    Type 2 Orange/Pea Green, CJ 2
    Type 3 Ivory/Maroon, NT 1
514 Boxcar 1929-40  
    Type 1 Ivory/Orange, NJ 2
    Type 2 Ivory/Orange, CJ 1
    Type 3 Yellow/Brown, NT 1
514 Reefer 1927-40  
    Type 1A 514 no R, Cream/Peacock, NJ 1
    Type 1B 514R, Cream/Peacock, NJ 2
    Type 2 Cream/Peacock, CJ 0
    Type 3 White/Blue, NT 1
515 Tank car 1927-40  
    Type 1 Terra Cotta, NJ 3
    Type 2A Ivory, CJ 0
    Type 2B Ivory (Sunoco), CJ 1
    Type 3A Silver (Sunoco), NT 1
    Type 3B Orange (Shell), NT 1 Wagner/Minister
Note: Tom and I visited a closet collector, "a Reverend". I spotted this Shell car and bought it for $150.
516 Hopper 1928-40  
    Type 1A RS Lettering, NJ 1
    Type 1B No RS, NJ 2
    Type 2 CJ 1
    Type 3 NT 1 1
517 Caboose 1927-40  
    Type 1A Pea Green/Red/Orange Windows, NJ 2
    Type 1B Red/Black (Coal Train), NJ 1
    Type 2 Pea Green/Red/Brass Windows CJ 2
    Type 3A Red, NT 1
    Type 3B Red, RS, No Plates, NT  
520 Floodlight Car 1931-40  
    Type 2 Terra Cotta Base, CJ 3
    Type 3 Green Base, NT 1
  Total 500-series freight cars 49
Note: Tom only really cared for the big stuff. The 500-series cars were just to fill out the collection.
10 Series Cars Quantity
All generally VG or better condition.
11 Flatcar (1906-26)    
    Red, Yellow Bottom 1
    Brown 1
    Maroon 3
12 Gondola (1906-26)    
    Red (Lake Shore), Yellow Bottom 3
    Brown 1
    Dark Gray (Rock Island) 1
13 Cattle    
    Green 1
14 Boxcar    
    Red, Embossed Sides, Black Stripes 1
    Yellow Orange 1
    Orange 1
15 Tank car    
    Maroon 2
    Brown 1
16 Ballast    
    Brown 1
    Maroon 1
    Dark Green 1
17 Caboose    
    Red/Black (Window Awnings) 1
    Brown/Black 1
    Maroon/Black 2
100 Series Cars   Quantity
All generally VG or better condition
112 Gondola (1910-26)    
    Early Short Type 4
    Brown 1
    Dark Gray (Lake Shore) 3
    Gray (Rock Island) 3
113 Cattle    
    Green 2
114 Boxcar    
    Orange 3
116 Ballast Car    
    Dark Olive Green  
    Brown 2
    Dark Green 2
117 Caboose    
    Red/Black 2
    Brown/Black 3
    Maroon/Black 1
Lionel 2-7/8" Gauge (1901-05) Quantity
200 1902 Red wooden-powered Gondola EX+ 1 Wagner
309 1902 Trolley (Dummy) VG 1 Wagner
200 1903 Green powered Gondola w/side ribs VG- 1
100 1903 Green powered B & O No 5 Loco VG 1
400 1903 Green Dummy Gondola VG 2
Note:  These three pieces came as a set. Colors and condition match perfectly.
600 1903 Green Derrick Trailer 1 Wagner
350 1903 Track Bumper 1
380 1903 Elevated Pillar 2
310 1903 Track (a lot)

1 Wagner

320 1903 Switch and Signal (one pair) 1
Note:  In 1983 I purchased the 200, 309, 600, and a bunch of track $14,000 and sold it to Tom at my cost with First Right of Refusal (our arrangement). And I have the paperwork to prove it.