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Nickel-trim 200-series Freight Cars
I have been collecting standard gauge for 30 years and am a point in my life that I do not need to own 60 different 200-series freight cars. From 1926-1939, Lionel made eleven different cars.

I have pared down to a few early cars, a full set of eleven "late" copper journal cars, and this more than complete set of nickel trim  freight cars. There are more than 11 cars since Lionel changed colors on several between 1935 and 1939.

At the right, I believe the car types are in proper chronological order by color. Many of these NT cars came with brass plates. I have endeavored to keep the ones that have full nickel trim.

  400E   Loco and Tender  Light Gunmetal   Orig. Boxes
211 Flat car Black Orig. Box
212 Gondola Darker Green  Orig. Box
212 Gondola Bright Green  Orig. Box
212 Gondola Lighter Green  Orig. Box
213 Cattle Car Cream/Maroon 
214 Box Car Yellow/Brown  Orig. Box
214R Refrigerator Car White/Lt. Blue  Orig. Box
215 Tank Car Silver Sunoco Orig. Box
216 Hopper Dark Green 
217 Caboose Light Red  Orig. Box
219 Derrick Yellow/Red  Orig. Box
219 Derrick White/Red  Orig. Box
Link > 220 Floodlight Car Darker Green  Orig. Box
220 Floodlight Car Bright Green  Sold
Link > 220 Floodlight Car Serif Lettering Orig. Box

All of the cars have the last type D2 trucks (D-clips, dimples, no slots, steel kingpins). Above and below there are links to close-ups of the rare Darker Green (over Terra Cotta) and Serif-lettered 220's.

The Northwest quadrant of the shelves -- you can drive your parents nuts as the loco has a chugger and the tender has a whistle. Note that the pony wheels are the late type with steel treads that do no wrap around the rim.

The Northeast quadrant of the shelves -- the derrick booms are definitely different colors as are the gondolas.

The Southeast quadrant of the shelves -- close-ups follow.

This 211 Flat Car has nickel brake wheels.

Here is the darker of the three 212 gondolas -- it matches the Darker Green 220 below. The tool box is painted Silver. The eight barrels are like-new originals.

Here is the more common Bright Green gondola. The boom resting on it is NOS from Madison hardware. It is a slightly different shade than the booms on the white or Yellow derricks shown here.

Here is the Light Green gondola. We believe this is the last color used on the 212 gondolas. The toolbox is painted 92 Gray, not Silver. Metallic paints could not be obtained as the US was cranking up lend-lease war material production for England. Hence 92 Gray replaced the Silver paint on many late pre-war Lionel accessories. These eight barrels are also like-new originals.

Here is a beautiful 213.

Here is a beautiful 214.

The cars are virtually like new -- the glare is a flash reflection. This is the boxed 214R.

More flash glare -- this is the 215.

This nickel-trim 216 Hopper has brass plates. The finish is sprayed on rather than dipped and though the flash photo doesn't show it, the Green is a bit darker than the earlier dipped cars.

This 217 is virtually like new -- again, the glare is a flash reflection.

The boom on this Yellow 219 is darker than the one on the White 219 below but not quite as dark as the "Darker Green" 212 and 220 cars.

This White 219's boom matches the Bright Green 212 and 220.

The Darker Green 220 -- Lionel repainted Terra Cotta bases in this first edition. To see, click

The more common Bright Green 220.

The very strange 220 with Serif-lettering. To see, click
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