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Lionel 1930 Work Train 358E

Have you ever seen a 390TX tender (200-series trucks + kinked drawbar) with copper journals. No! In 1930 journals were Nickel, not Copper. In 1931, a 400E-400T combo replaced the 390E-390TX in the work train.

In 1930 only, the work train consisted of a 390E-390TX loco/tender, a 212 Gondola with four 209 curved-side barrels and a Gray 208 toolbox with six tools (three of which have wooden handles), a 219 derrick, a 218 dump car (Mojave ends), and a 217 caboose.

Below is a bit of commentary and photos of the trains owned by one lucky kid. Intact set box and all.


Inside this box the top and bottom are stamped respectively 358T 30 and 358B 30 (Set 358 Top and Bottom, 1930). I tried to fit the boxes from a 400E Work Train and there was no room left for the 400T tender. So this set box is definitely for a 1930-only, 390E-390TX Work Train. This box is large -- 25 x 17.5 x 9 -- about 2.3 cubic feet.


The curvature below is from my too basic camera. The label and box are flat..

Yes, everything will fit. On the left is the 219 box on its side. The other three boxes are a 212, 218 and 219. I don't have a 390E box, but it would go on the top left. The 390TX box would go horizontally on the bottom. Then you add the 208 Tools, 209 Tool Box, a 81 rheostat, 8 pieces of curved track and 8 straights. The car boxes shown are not included in this auction of the set box. Winner can contact me for details.

Here is a top view. You can see from the one-foot ruler that this is a very large box.

Here is the Lionel box number embossed on the inside top (T) by its maker. The 30 denotes 1930.

Here is the Lionel box number embossed on the inside bottom (B) by its maker. Again, the 30 denotes 1930.

Here is the left side of the box.

Here is the right side of the box. The small Red mark is a tag from a long-gone moving company.

Here is the back side of the box. Too bad the missing piece 2x2 piece of cardboard is not on this end.

Here is the bottom of the box -- a brick. Lionel used 20 heavy staples on the bottom and 20 more on the top. 5 on each box flap. Several show here as short horizontal lines.

Along with the box comes this 358E set's original track ( 8 curves, 8 straights ), original 81 rheostat and original lock-on. This outfit came from a family, not a train collector.

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