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Dark Green 428-429-430 Cars

These cars were introduced in 1926 with Maroon windows in Outfit 348/348E headed by a Dark Green 380/380E. In 1928, the windows became Orange. Many collectors believe the Orange-windowed cars only came with a Dark Green 9 loco, but there are a lot more cars around than 9's. Way below is a photo of a 380E with Orange-windowed cars.

In 1929 and 1930, the color of these cars was changed to Orange bodies with Apple Green windows and came in Outfit 349E headed by an Orange 9E loco. The 428-429-430 cars road on 200-series freight car trucks and used the same sheet metal and interiors as the much more common 418-419-490 cars.

Here are photos of my set. Note that one box says D. Green. This indicates that the car came in two colors and was marked so the contents were known. The other two boxes just have a number so must have been labeled before the Orange-bodied cars were introduced.


I swapped the brass observation railings with a nice original from a 490. The old one was bent a bit. It appears in a lower photo. I also added a set of original steps to the back end. That is the way real open-platform cars looked. Lionel tried to save a few cents.




Below is a different set with Orange windows headed by a 380E as seen on eBay.

Below is another set with the more common 380E set with Maroon windows as seen on eBay.

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