Solid Axle RPO Cars


Ninth Edition

by Dr. Gerald C. Wagner

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This RPO article was written in 1989 and updated with readers' comments in 1990-92. Few changes have been made since then. The knowledge base has certainly increased since 1993, so please send your additions and corrections to me


Table of options
1957-59 RPO 684
Heavy Duty Springs
Air Ducts
Scoops and Dust Covers
Shock Absorber Mounting
Brake Pivot Pins
Transition in 1959
1960-62 RPO 687
Metallic Linings and Fans
Anti-Roll Bars
Last Year was 1962
Evolution of the RPO components
Brake Drums
Backing Plates
Shock Absorbers
Scoops and Ducts 
Brake Springs
Brake Cylinders
RPO 686 Metallic Linings
Special Equipment for Sports Car Meets
Wide Wheels
Nylon Tires
Large Fuel Tanks
Why Confusion?

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