HBSA/NC Summer Night Poker -- July 28, 2005                                                              Home

Fun evening! I have not played competitive poker for 40 years (dating myself -- I played a lot in high school -- but never Texas Holdem with no limit). The event was held at the Morgan & Lewis law firm, One Market, San Francisco. Hosted by Harrah's, Royal Casino Parties, and the M&L law firm.

The event wasn't just Harvard Business School grads. HBSA/NC opened it up to other Bay Area associations -- and they provided most of the final table. So much for the case method! One of the finalists was a youngish HBS wife who claimed she had never played before, yet she was instructing the dealer on how to divvy up the side bets (all-in hands). Harrumph on sandbaggers!

The first photo shows an unusual look for a room at a law firm. It was a professional setup with knowledgeable Texas No-Limit Holdem dealers. Plus pizza, beer, wine, and views before sunset.


Here I am with Adrienne, a recent Duke grad who won the first two hands. Sensing a poker genius, I asked her if she had a boyfriend? Unfortunately Adrienne is about my daughter s age. She is a sport but got knocked out fairly early.

My first table. At the extreme left is Austin, Harvard Law '99, who took a big piece out of me when I had a Queen-high flush. He had an Ace-high flush. Three hearts were exposed on the table. I'd bet it again -- this was the best hand I had all night, and I lost it. During the evening I never got dealt a hidden high pair, etc. A whiner, but having a lot of fun!

To my left is Adrienne and then Toby? (Harvard College recently). He professed to know nothing, but made it to the final table. Do I look poker-faced enough? All but Toby, Austin, me, and maybe one other, got blown off this table. They sat down new people with us as the number of remaining tables was reduced.

Here is Austin about to destroy a Duke guy. At the lower right, I'm thinking "Fold it while you have some chips left". I have a much younger self image than photos of my scalp convey. Most poker enthusiasts are pretty young.

Howard Henderson, a fine guy and one of our hosts, with one of the three winners. They stopped the game at 11 pm and three people were left. If you ever want to have a poker night, call Howard at 408-636-0040. A very professional bunch!

For a link to a video, click Poker Night  This is an 8 meg download so be patient. Sitting next to me now is Dan Sevall, another fine guy. This is after the tables were consolidated. Half the players had been blown out. As I recall, I took a piece out of Dan on one of his bluffs.