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Some collectors believe the quintessential toy train is a Marklin Pacific pulling a string of 40cm passenger cars. You can see this set below with the rarest versions of these cars.

All items have their original boxes including the accessories and track. I have a dozen 3630T that are still factory sealed. The track is all nickel-plated steel (not the aluminum variety).

1943JG/0 International Sleeper w/ Interior behind station accessories

1941JG/0 International Coach w/ Interior -- a very rare piece -- the eagle is painted out in middle of the car above the destination sign and it has curved roof ends

1942JG/0 Diner w/ Interior
-- the Green thing is an armband to wear if you haven't got a uniform on.

12744J/0 International Baggage w/ whistle -- note the Swiss markings on the right. This car is marvelous -- the flash picked up variations in the varnish -- so few were made that it was hand painted. On the left-hand truck you can see the electrical pickup for the whistle -- there is one on the other side.

HR66/0 Pacific -- the Red paint has turned pinkish


Some people -- in the 1941 photo above you can see sleeping folks like mummies.

Some more people plus Marklin baggage and motorcycle

CCS66/0 Swiss Crocodile -- two motors. I no longer have an original box -- I sold it 15 years ago for $1,500 thinking the offer was nuts. I should have kept it.

The signs are spaced over half a kilometer -- ///  //  /  X then a Vorsignal  then a Hauptsignal. The Vorsignal in the far background is a rare 1-gauge model with its solenoid inside the hut behind.

Some workers and a Swiss banner -- the more interesting banners cannot be displayed

Another /// // / with the X built into the Vorsignal -- a somewhat rare piece

These trains run on 20 volts -- the device to the left delivers 70 volts for earlier trains

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