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The interior is completely original. The five-passenger sedan did not have jump seats. It's wheelbase is 134 inches, and its dry weight is 4,660 pounds. The rear seats foot rest folds back so it is not in the way when you're getting into or out of the car.

The carpet underlayment is nice and the carpet snaps work fine. In 2018 this car was 87 years old.

The rear doors have pockets for your incidentals.

The all steel "Turret Top" was not introduced until 1935. This 1931 grain vinyl on wood bows top is original. And 1931 was the first year for metal floor boards. earlier they were wood.

Glove boxes were not introduced until 1932. This 1931 sedan has only a leather pouch on the right side foot well. The Owners Manual is kept there plus the lubrication instructions and whatever else you wish to store. The chrome handle to its left opens the Maroon air vent. Look closely and see its screen.

The factory itself did not install heaters until 1932. They were a dealer-installed option in 1931.

The underside is pretty clean and rust free. The splash aprons are often missing. This car is complete.

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