Jerry Wagner's Birthday

We've chartered three private railroad cars for a weekend trip to Reno. They will be hooked up to the rear of the Amtrak's California Zephyr on Friday, Nov. 14th (East-bound) and Sunday, November 16th (West-bound). You can ride the railroad either way or both. Look forward to much fun on the trips and in Reno.

This website will be updated often, so check it. email us at to let us know if you can attend and which railroad legs you would like. Here are our three rail cars hooked up as they will be in November 2003 -- on the tail of the Zephyr.

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   Photos and Notes from the Trip
   Dates and Itinerary -- Nov. 14-16, 2003
Tips for the Road
Santa Fe Business Car #33 -- The Tamalpais
Santa Fe Pleasure Dome #503 -- The Plaza Santa Fe
Rio Grande Lounge #1291 -- The Royal Gorge
History of the Central Pacific Railroad

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