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Reno Schedule

Don't miss the train. Our three private cars will likely be at the end of a long train -- past the platform -- out in the gravel. Come early as we will be funneling 66+ people with their suitcases (one per person), through the vestibule of a 1950 Lounge car or an open platform on a 1923 business car. The third car, a bar/lounge dome, has no vestibule doors as it ran next to the diner on the Super Chief and had no paying passenger seats.

The train cars will go East from Emeryville on Friday, and return West from Reno on Sunday. If you don't want to repeat the trip East and West , let us know right away. If you're busy Friday, you can fly into Reno on Saturday and take the West-bound railroad trip on Sunday. If you need to be somewhere distant on Monday, you can fly in Thursday for the East-bound railroad trip on Friday, then fly out of Reno on Sunday.  

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But all should attend the Saturday night birthday banquet!! Friday night and Saturday during the day will be free time/playtime. 

Note: Emeryville is a small town between Oakland and Berkeley, CA.   

Thursday -- Nov. 13, 2003
  Out-of-Town Folks + Jerry + Patricia stay at the
Four Points Sheraton, Emeryville, CA
Friday -- Nov. 14, 2003
  California Zephyr to Reno   Miles
    Emeryville 9:00 AM All Aboard  
    Emeryville 9:35 AM Departs 0
    Sacramento 11:32 AM Elevation 42 Feet 85
    Norden Peak   Elevation 6,900 Feet 192
    Truckee 3:00 PM Elevation 5,840 Feet  201
    Reno 4:12 PM Detrain 236
    Sparks 4:28 PM Elevation 4,423 Feet 239
        Hours to Reno 6.6
  Check into Harrah's 4:45 PM    
  Friday night played by ear
Saturday -- Nov. 15, 2003 -- Jerry's Birthday
  Daytime played by ear. If you haven't seen Virginia City, you should. It is a well-preserved mining town 26 miles South of Reno. But, it takes 45 minutes to get there as you must drive over a mountain. Here, during the Comstock Lode days, a young reporter, Samuel Clemens adopted his pen name, Mark Twain. You can see where he worked.

We plan on arranging some vans for those wanting to visit Virginia City. They will leave from Harrah's. Let us know if you're interested.

  Banquet at Harrah's. Drinks at 7:00 PM, dinner at 7:30 PM -- No Gifts.
  Second night at Harrah's
Sunday -- Nov. 16, 2003
  California Zephyr to Emeryville Miles
    Sparks 9:24 AM Elevation 4,423 Feet 0
    Reno 9:39 AM Maybe Late* 3
    Truckee 10:39 AM Elevation 5,840 Feet  35
    Norden Peak   Elevation 6,900 Feet 47
    Sacramento 2:20 PM Elevation 42 Feet 154
    Emeryville 5:09 PM Detrain 239
      Hours from Reno 7.5
  * The train starts in Chicago on Friday afternoon.  Reno is 2,200 miles from Chicago. Recently it has been nearly on time at Reno. But, it can be 2-4 hours late. 
  Out-of-Town Folks
  Four Points Sheraton, Emeryville, CA

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