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My mom circa 1940.

That's not a scar. It is deterioration in the negative. Mom still has the one wing tooth, but all stars need at least one defect. She grew up wild in Marin County, CA. In the late 1930's, early 1940's, she was the girl vocalist in a local swing band. Her theme song was "As Time goes By". Before its time -- the song was published several years before the movie "Casablanca" was made. She can still sing it.

The first photo below is at Stinson Beach in the Band days. The signature is Gretchen. Her maiden name was Gretchen Celina Milner. Later she married John Wagner and was known as Gretchen Wagner. How German sounding can you get? Many thought she was a Kraut, and she didn't like it.


Her first husband (high school honey) was an WW2 Army photographer. She still has many "young babe" photos.


Mom at age 79 in 2000. Still natural hair color. I am genetically deprived and began graying at 50.

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